Today you will have the opportunity to complete an Online Scavenger Hunt. Please go through the activities at your own pace.

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 8.00.41 AM.png

Activity 1. Please watch the video below and fill out the form.

Activity 2: Check out the new Google Earth in your Chrome Browser and list 3 things you learned!!!

Activity 3: Go to the website and answer the question below.

Activity 4: Create a list of interesting things we did in iTeam this year. You must list at least 5 different activities.

Activity 5: Find the following items and take a photo with you in the picture with each item!

Upload the photos to:

1. Edison Robot
2. Sphero
3. 3D Printer
4. Charlene
5. A friend you got to know better.

Activity 6: Go to make one of your photos into a masterpiece. Upload it to